Higher Education Capacity and Effectiveness Survey

One of the Council's mandated responsibilities is to assess the capacity and effectiveness of higher education in Texas to meet the needs of the early childhood workforce.  To accomplish this responsibility, the Council conducted an assessment of the capacity and effectiveness of higher education's ability to meet the needs of the Texas early childhood workforce.  The Council worked with the Ray Marshall Center for the Study of Human Resources at UT-Austin to complete the survey.  The final report was released in August 2013.


The Ray Marshall Center conducted an assessment of higher education programs in Texas that offer early childhood education or child development degrees.  The assessment was completed through two surveys, one to institutions of higher education that have child development or early childhood degree programs, and the other to recently graduated students of these programs.  Specifically, the Council wanted to find out how well institutions of higher education are preparing early childhood providers in Texas, and whether or not they meet the needs of the workforce.

First, RMC released a survey to Texas colleges and universities with early childhood programs to determine their thoughts on the programs offered at their college or university.  The Council also wants to assess whether or not higher education is meeting the needs of the workforce, especially whether or not professionals who graduate from CDA, associate's, and bachelor's programs in early childhood are properly prepared when they enter the workforce.  To this end, RMC also surveyed new teachers in early care and education who recently graduated.

The final report details the findings of the study.  The report also includes a recommendations section that details suggestions for further research on a number of issues regarding the early care and education workforce in Texas.

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