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The Collaborations and Standards Subcommittee is committed to improving collaboration among the various early childhood sectors and programs in Texas.  The goal of the Subcommittee is to develop comprehensive early learning cross-sector guidelines and improve collaboration and coordination across early care and education programs.  The Subcommittee will complete four projects over the course of the Council's three-year grant to improve collaboration and early learning guidelines in all early childhood sectors.

Each of the Council's Subcommittees will complete projects that fulfill requirements from the Council's authorizing legislation.  For more information on the Improving Head Start for School Readiness Act of 2007, click here.  The Collaborations and Standards Subcommittee will fulfill two of these mandates:

  • Identify opportunities for, and barriers to, collaboration and coordination among Federally-funded and State-funded child development, child care, and early childhood education programs and services, including collaboration and coordination among Texas State agencies responsible for administering such programs
  • Make recommendations for improvements in State early learning standards and undertake efforts to develop high-quality comprehensive early learning standards, as appropriate


Early Childhood Program Standards Comparison Tool

The Council is developing an early childhood program standards and accreditations comparison tool to aid parents, providers, and policymakers in decision-making about programs and care.  The comparison tool was released in Spring 2013.  To learn more about the comparison tool, visit

Infant, Toddler, and Three-Year-Old  Early Learning Guidelines

The Subcommittee is developing new voluntary Infant, Toddler, and Three-Year-Old Early Learning Guidelines (ITELG) for Texas.  These ITELG will support children's early development and clearly define what infants and toddlers should developmentally know and be able to do.  The ITELG will be aligned to the Texas Pre-Kindergarten Guidelines, supporting development and school readiness from birth.  The Council formed an ITELG Steering Committee to guide the development of the ITELG. The Guidelines are available in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Download the Guidelines in English.

Download the Guidelines in Spanish, las Directivas de Texas para el Aprendizaje Temprano de Bebés, Niños Pequeños y Niños de Tres Años de Edad.

Download the Guidelines in Vietnamese.

Professional Mentoring and Coaching Toolkit

The Subcommittee will also work to create a toolkit of professional mentoring and coaching strategies for programs.  The toolkit will include successful strategies on mentoring and coaching early childhood professionals, and have steps for providers to create a mentoring program in their centers, homes, or programs.  The Council will release a Request for Proposals (RFP) to contract with a consultant to create the toolkit in fall 2012.

Download Partners in Action: A Mentoring Toolkit for Early Childhood Providers.

Beginning Education: Early Childcare at Home (BEECH)

The Council partnered with the Children's Learning Institute (CLI) to conduct a professional development and mentoring research study in home-based child care.  In 2011, the Council worked with CLI to develop the study and contracted with Texas PBS to develop the online professional development resources.  Over the course of two years, 180 English-speaking, home-based child care providers in Harris County will utilize the BEECH program to study the effectiveness of the intervention and school readiness outcomes for the children in these programs. Additionally, 90 Spanish-speaking, home-based providers in three cities in Texas (Houston, Austin, and San Antonio) are participating in a Spanish version of BEECH.

BEECH and BEECH en Espanol are now open to the public!  Visit the CLI Engage website, the online platform developed by the Children's Learning Institute to access the English and Spanish modules for free.

Subcommittee Members 2010-2013

Subcommittee Chair: LaShonda Y. Brown, Texas Head Start State Collaboration Office

Deborah Cody, Mount Pleasant Independent School District
Ana De Hoyos O'Connor, San Antonio College
Blanca Enriquez, Education Service Center - Region 19
John W. Gasko
Jonel Huggins
Reagan Miller, Texas Workforce Commission

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