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AET11 Parents can make sure their child has a better start in life if they learn about and are aware of the signs of developmental delays and disabilities. Recognizing problems early and letting your doctor know will greatly increase your child’s chance of reaching his or her full potential. The Act Early Texas! project will provide an opportunity for parents to conduct a free, online developmental screening of their children.

Statewide Autism Needs Assessment Survey

Act Early Texas! is currently working with Texas stakeholders to find out educational and health care needs to address gaps in services for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder in Texas. To help us gather the necessary information to develop a state plan, please complete this survey regarding your experiences as a parent, advocate, and/or individual with an Autism Spectrum Disorder in Texas:

Act Early Texas! will be a website with a free, online tool that will allow parents an opportunity to conduct a developmental screening on their children. The website will offer an online version of the following developmental screenings:

On the website, parents and early childhood professionals can answer questions about their children's development using an online version of these well-known developmental screening tools. The results will determine if your child's development is on schedule. These questionnaires will be available for parents in Texas who would like to learn more about their children's development, and whether or not they should seek assistance from a professional, such as a pediatrician or early childhood intervention specialist, about their child's development.

One exciting feature of the new Act Early Texas! website is an opportunity for parents to fax their children's results on the questionnaires to a local Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) specialist or to the family's primary care provider (PCP).  Parents will have the opportunity to enter this information into the system to enable the reporting capabilities, if they are interested.  Of course, parents will also be able to download and print the results for their records.

When doctors and experts are made aware of a concern early, there are strategies that can help! But they are most effective if started early in a child’s life. The Act Early Texas! website will enable parents to talk to medical professionals and others about their child's development.

The Act Early Texas! website is currently being developed by the Children's Learning Institute. We will announce when the website is up and running on this page and through our email listserv.

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