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Council activities in September have primarily focused on early childhood data.  Council staff, Council members, stakeholders, and agency participants have gathered for 7 important Joint Requirements Planning sessions for The On-Track System (TOTS), in order to collaboratively define the requirements and specifications of the Council's goals for an integrated early childhood data system... Read More

A Closer Look

The On-Track-System (TOTS) Strategic Plan

One of the requirements of the Texas Early Learning Council is to develop recommendations for an early childhood data exchange system. The Council is moving beyond just developing recommendations for a statewide, early childhood data system; instead, the Council is working towards the actual planning and design of a data system for Texas. This new information exchange system will be known as The On-Track System (TOTS). This month, the Council released the Strategic Plan for TOTS, developed by the Council and our consultant on the TOTS project.

The completion of the TOTS Strategic Plan is a major milestone in this project for the Council and for early childhood stakeholders across Texas. The TOTS Strategic Plan is various sections, including an outline of the vision for the system, an assessment of the current early childhood data systems in Texas and other states, and recommendations for the future... Read More

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