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Happy Fall! The third year of our grant is shaping up to be very busy - and October has been no exception.  I would like to thank everyone who attended our Council meeting on September 28 and the Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) stakeholder meeting on October 18.  All of the stakeholder input is already impacting the Council's decision-making - from the feedback collected by our new Infant and Toddler Early Learning Guidelines to public feedback provided on our public outreach campaign by members of the public at our Council meeting.

An exciting event for the Council took place on Monday, October 29 in Austin with policymakers, advocates, and other stakeholders.  Together with the Ray Marshall Center at the University of Texas at Austin and the Hobby Center for the Study of Texas at Rice University, we released the final report from the statewide early childhood needs assessment.  The Texas Early Childhood Education Needs Assessment: Final Report is available now on our website.  More in-depth reports on the Texas demographic profile, population projection to 2040, and a gap analysis of early care and education programs in Texas, will be available on our website soon.  Read More...

A Closer Look

Texas Early Childhood Education Needs Assessment: Final Report

The Council is proud to present the first comprehensive, statewide early childhood education needs assessment in more than 40 years!

The Texas Early Childhood Education Needs Assessment: Final Report, released in October 2012, is a summary of the work that was completed on this important project.  Soon, the Council will posted the supplemental reports from the needs assessment, a new demographic profile of Texas, population projections to 2040, and a new gap analysis of services, all based on the most up-to-date data.  Look for these reports in the next week!

On October 29, 2012, the Texas Early Childhood Education Needs Assessment: Final Report was released in Austin at a one-day conference.  The Ray Marshall Center and the Hobby Center, the two contractors on this project, presented data from the needs assessment and offered some policy recommendations.  The final report includes key findings from the needs assessment, including from the demographic profile, population projection to 2040, analysis of early childhood programs and services in Texas, and gap analysis.  See pictures from the event on our Facebook page.  Read More...

Community Feedback

The Council is currently in the process of developing our statewide public outreach campaign.  The outreach campaign will focus on optimal brain development and improving awareness about high-quality early childhood programs in Texas.  Do you have any ideas about successful ways to reach parents with these important messages?

Contact Us with your thoughts and suggestions.

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