From the Chair

June has moved by very fast and we have seen a number of markers of progress during the month. A key thing that has emerged this month is that we are really going to need your help!

At various points this summer, we will be soliciting feedback in a number of ways on key products that we are developing for the state of Texas. Please consider committing some of your valuable time to reviewing documents or participating in some of our stakeholder processes. Below is a list of events with tentative dates and their descriptions. If you have any questions about any of the items or would like to express your interest in them, please Contact Us.


A Closer Look

Get Ready for the New Texas Trainer Registry!

The Council has been busy developing the new Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System (TECPDS) - a very exciting update to the Texas Early Care and Education Career Development System (TECECDS). TECPDS will house the Texas Trainer Registry, as well as an all-new Workforce Registry for early care and education professionals in Texas. Also, the system will include all-new resources for early childhood professionals. Learn more about TECPDS and all the features that we are developing in the Council's recent working paper on the system. Coming in August, the Council will launch the first phase of the TECPDS - the newly updated Texas Trainer Registry!

The Council is committed to supporting the early care and education workforce in Texas. The development of TECPDS, including the updated Texas Trainer Registry, is a major project of the Council under our Workforce and Professional Development subcommittee. This system offers pathways for professionals in Texas - practitioners, administrators, and trainers - to access trainings, education opportunities, and other resources. The enhanced system will improve upon these existing components in TECECDS and offer new resources, such as job postings and professional development planning tools. Read More...

Community Feedback

How do you define professional development? What resources would help you develop professionally? As you read in the Closer Look section, the Council is very busy developing the new Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System(TECPDS). We want to know what kind of resources would help you develop professionally. Currently, we have developed resources on higher education, scholarship opportunities, and access to trainings for TECPDS. Is there another resource that we should include? Contact Us with your thoughts and suggestions.

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