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For every project, it is important that time is taken at periodic moments to reflect on progress, think of accomplishments, and give thanks to those that have contributed to success. As we enter the last month of the Fiscal Year 2012, the Council has had a great number of thanks to pass out. Most importantly, we are very thankful for the early care and education community in Texas. Amazing attention and support has been given to our project, which has helped us get the word out about important events, solicit critical feedback, and incorporate stakeholders into many of our projects. Some of the amazing outreach success we have had this year include expanding our listserv from 900 to 1200 email address, doubling our social media followers, and speaking at 16 different early care and education events. For those of you that have helped spread the word about the Council, its work, and its needs, your support is greatly valued and we are very grateful. Read More...

A Closer Look

New Core Competencies for Administrators and Practitioners - Public Comment Period Opens August 10!

The Council is very committed to supporting the early childhood workforce in Texas, and we will soon release new resources for early childhood professionals - new Core Competencies for Practitioners, and Administrators. Next month, the Council will release a new document for public comment - the draft Core Competencies for Administrators and Practitioners! The Council has been developing new Core Competencies over the past year, and we're excited to release them to the public and receive your thoughts and comments.

Core Competencies for early childhood professionals are basic statements about skills and knowledge that professionals should possess to be successful in their career. You might be familiar with the Texas Core Knowledge and Skills Areas (CKAs). The new Core Competencies will be an update of the CKAs, incorporating the latest research on early childhood professional skills and knowledge. The name change from CKAs to Core Competencies also reflects current thinking in early childhood research. These new Core Competencies will include additional domains of skills and knowledge over the domains included in the CKAs. Additionally, the Core Competencies will be organized into three levels, introductory, intermediate, and advanced. When the new Core Competencies are finalized and released to the public, Texas will become one of only a few states to have early childhood Core Competencies for four groups of early childhood professionals: Practitioners, Administrators, Trainers, and Coaches and Mentors.  Read More...

Community Feedback

We need your help! The Council recently hosted focus groups for the development of one of our projects, an online program standards and accreditations comparison tool, also known as a Crosswalk. We will be creating a series of quick reference charts to complement the online tool. Help us decide which information to include in these user-friendly charts! The Crosswalk Survey will ask you to select the 3 most important topics in each of ten questions and will take about 3-5 minutes to complete. Thank you for your assistance!

Crosswalk Survey

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