From the Chair

July was another incredibly busy month for the Texas Early Learning Council. I am continually impressed with our Council Members and our staff and their ability to produce high level, quality work. We conducted two very important events in July. The first was a plenary session at the Texas Early Childhood Leadership Summit, held at the Austin Convention Center.

The other event we conducted was a day long Summit on Early Childhood Data Systems at the AT & T Executive Conference Center at UT Austin. Read More

A Closer Look

2011 Texas Early Childhood Leadership Summit Plenary Session

On July 14, 2011, the Texas Early Learning Council hosted an interactive Plenary Session at the Texas Early Childhood Leadership Summit in Austin. The interactive session allowed the Council to receive critical feedback from 600 stakeholders about our projects. During a presentation of the Council's projects, the attendees responded to a series of multiple-choice questions that directly relate to the Council's work towards improving school readiness in Texas.

The Council will use this critical stakeholder feedback, from parents, providers, and policymakers, to determine if our projects are designed to best meet the school readiness needs of Texas children. We are currently analyzing the data collected at the Plenary Session, but we have some preliminary findings to report already! One question asked respondents to choose the greatest ECE workforce challenge in Texas. As you can see in the graph below, respondents overwhelmingly choose "pay scale" as the greatest challenge.

Visit the Council's new webpage on the Plenary Session for more information about the event, to view the presentation, and to take the online survey. We will post the final report of the findings from the Plenary Session on this webpage, so check back soon! Read More

Community Feedback

The Plenary Session was an opportunity for the Council to receive feedback from early childhood stakeholders about our projects. We want to hear from you! If you were unable to attend the Plenary Session, but would like to provide feedback to the Council, click here for an online survey. The online survey includes the original questions and responses, as well as comment sections. We will include your feedback in our stakeholder feedback analysis. Thank you for your input!

Please visit our Contact Us page to let us know your ideas.

News & Updates

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