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2012 is going to be a busy year for the Texas Early Learning Council, and January has already begun to demonstrate that fact. In the last month, our staff has posted two Requests for Proposals, one for a QRIS consultant and one for a consultant to assist with marketing around new Voluntary Infant and Toddler Guidelines for Texas. We are eagerly awaiting the proposal deadlines, hoping for many quality applicants to choose from. As always, we will keep you posted about the next steps as they unfold. Some other exciting Council efforts underway include our upcoming reinvestment decisions and our work on new core competencies for early care and education professionals in Texas... Read More

A Closer Look

"Pathways to Quality: Charting the Course for a New Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System"

Quality early care and education begins with a highly qualified early childhood workforce. Professional development systems assist individuals who are interested in joining the field understand what knowledge and skills are needed to provide high quality early care and education to young children. These systems also support seasoned professionals in accessing professional development resources to further their careers and strengthen their knowledge.

Building on the work of the Texas Early Care and Education Career Development System (TECECDS), the Council is currently developing the new Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System (TECPDS) for early care and education professionals in Texas. TECPDS will include a workforce registry, career ladder, statewide professional development calendar, job board, and extensive resources for professionals. The Council recently released a new working paper on TECPDS,  "Pathways to Quality: Charting the Course for a New Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System." Read the working paper to learn more about TECPDS and the Council's initiatives to support early childhood workforce and professional development in Texas... Read More

Community Feedback

The Texas Early Learning Council seeks to support the infant and toddler workforce through the development of a set of new Voluntary Infant and Toddler Guidelines (ITELG) for Texas. These voluntary early learning guidelines describe expectations about what young children should know (understand) and do (competencies and skills) across different domains of learning.

The Workforce and Professional Development Subcommittee of the Texas Infant Toddler Early Learning Guidelines Steering Committee is seeking your feedback on the professional development resources that will be developed to accompany the ITELG. The subcommittee's goal is to provide resources for professors, consultants, trainers, and others who support the infant toddler workforce so that they can incorporate the ITELG into their work with infant and toddler administrators and teachers. Please respond to this short survey to give us your feedback. Click on the link below to provide your thoughts on how we can design training resources that will be useful to you and your program.

Child Care Administrators, Educators, and Teachers

Early Childhood Professors, Consultants, and Trainers

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