From the Chair

After a year of careful planning, the Governor's Texas Early Learning Council has begun implementing a variety of strategies intended to improve the school readiness of our youngest citizens. Some have called our plans ambitious; some have called them impressive; some have called them unrealistic. Regardless, the Council has been very deliberate and intentional to ensure that we use the resources and talents provided to us to meet important needs in our communities, our schools and centers, our homes, and within the various systems that regularly impact families and children. Read More

A Closer Look

Texas to conduct first comprehensive, statewide early childhood education and care needs assessment in 40 years.

Texas has not conducted a comprehensive, statewide needs assessment concerning the quality and availability of early education and care programs in more than 40 years. Though, local communities have conducted needs assessments throughout this period, Texas lacks a current statewide picture of the specific needs of families raising young children

A key priority of the Texas Early Learning Council is to update our state's understanding of the school readiness needs of its young children.  In order to make good decisions about early care and education policymakers, providers, and community leaders need to understand the challenges facing families with young children and how our various early care and education programs are equipped or unprepared to handle those challenges. The Council will approach this task through two strategies. Read More

Community Feedback

We are excited to announce that we have launched our website! It is filled with resources and key information for Parents, Providers , and Policymakers.  Please take a look at and tell us what you think.  Are there, resources we overlooked?  Do you have questions about the Council?  Is there something you would like to know more about?  Please Contact Us to let us know what you think.

News & Updates

New Poll shows 62% of Texans support pre-k

The Governor makes New Appointments to the Council.

The State Board of Education recently approved instructional materials for public schools in Texas.

What are we Reading?

The Effects of Preschool Education: What We Know, How Public Policy Is or Is Not Aligned With the Evidence Base, and What We Need to Know

Child-Care Quality Rating and Improvement Systems in Five Pioneer States

Early Learning Guidelines for Infants and Toddlers: Recommendations for State

Readiness: School, Family, and Community Connections

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