From the Chair

I want to thank those of you who attended our meeting in Austin on December 2, 2011. Although I could not be there, I have received a great deal of positive feedback about the meeting. 2011 was a great and challenging year for the Council. One thing I have learned from this experience is that this work is not easy. Thankfully, we have a committed staff and thoughtful and engaged Council members to get this challenging work done. Additionally, I am very grateful for the contributions stakeholders have made to projects... Read More

A Closer Look

Looking Forward to 2012

2011 was an exciting year for the Texas Early Learning Council! We have made great progress on many of our initiatives to improve school readiness in Texas. Each of our Subcommittees has produced great work, and the Council looks forward to continuing our important work in 2012. Next year, the Council will release recommendations to Governor Perry on early childhood data systems and quality rating and improvement systems (QRIS). Our two-year projects, Texas Community Campaign for School Readiness and Beginning Education: Early Childcare at Home (BEECH), will complete the first phase of work. Also, work on our expansive projects, especially the Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System, will near completion... Read More

Community Feedback

Have you seen our new online calendar? The Council recently launched a statewide early childhood calendar on our website. The calendar features opportunities for early childhood stakeholders, especially parents, professionals, and policymakers, to participate in national, state, and local early childhood events, including meetings, conferences, and conventions. If you have an event to include on the calendar, please Contact Us. Thank you for helping us expand the new early childhood calendar!

News & Updates

Happy Holidays from the Texas Early Learning Council!

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What are we Reading?

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