From the Chair

After three very busy years of work, the Council's three-year grant from the Administration of Children and Families comes to an end on August 31, 2013.  It's hard to believe that almost four years have passed since we started the process of writing our grant application, under the leadership of our previous chair John Gasko.  Serving on the Council has been an incredibly rewarding experience for my fellow Council Members and me.  We are proud of our accomplishments and will to continue serving the early care and education system in Texas.

We will continue to share updates with you through our website, social media accounts, and newsletters.  In the next few months, we will be sharing more resources with you, including the Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System and Quality Rating and Improvement System Recommendations.  My fellow Council Members and I will be working in our organizations and networks to continue to share the Council's documents and resources with our state...Read More

A Closer Look

Little Texans. Big Futures. Our Statewide Awareness Campaign!

On August 5, 2013, the Council kicked off our public awareness campaign on the importance of early childhood education and responsive caregiving!  Known as "Little Texans. Big Futures.", the campaign includes TV, radio, and online ads directing parents and early childhood providers to learn more about child development.  We launched a new website for the campaign,, that features information from the Infant, Toddler, and Three-Year-Old Early Learning Guidelines and many other resources for caregivers.

Visit and to view our public awareness campaign!

Find free resources at and!

  • Infant, Toddler, and Three-Year-Old Early Learning Guidelines in three languages: English, Spanish, and Vietnamese
  • Parenting guides in English and Spanish for four age groups: 0-8 months, 8-18 months, 18-36 months, and 36-48 months
  • Child development posters
  • A guide for selecting child care
  • Information about developmental screenings
  • Our TV and radio ads in English and Spanish!
  • And much more!

Visit on your mobile phone for exclusive content!...Read More

Community Feedback

Thank the Staff!

After three years of their dedication, please join us in thanking our amazing staff! Although they will continue to support the Council in small ways, each member of our staff will be moving on to another position at the Children's Learning Institute starting September 1.

Don Titcombe, the Manager of the Council, was recently promoted to Director of Communications and Planning at CLI.

Jennifer Lindley, the Council's Public Policy and Communications Coordinator, is joining CLI's communications team and will be supporting the Texas School Ready! Project.

Donald Swofford, our Web Developer, will be supporting Texas Schol Ready! and the Act Early Texas! project.  His next project will be to design a new website for TSR!

Katie Chennisi, who supported the Council through her role with the Texas Head Start State Collaboration Office, will continue to manage the Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System after it launches in October 2013.

We would also like to thank CLI staff who provided their expertise and assistance to the Council over the last three years, including Susan Landry, Jeff Williams, April Crawford, Brian Herod, Ursula Johnson, and Sonya Coffey.

News & Updates

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What are we Reading?

Texas Early Learning Council Final Grant Report 2010-2013

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