From the Chair

My name is LaShonda Brown, and I have recently been appointed by Governor Rick Perry to serve as the Chair of the Texas Early Learning Council. I serve as the Director of the Texas Head Start State Collaboration Office, housed at the Children's Learning Institute at UTHealth in Houston. In addition to serving as the chair of the Collaborations and Standards Subcommittee, I am also a member of the Workforce and Professional Development Subcommittee. I am honored to have been chosen to succeed Dr. John Gasko as Chair of the Texas Early Learning Council.

John Gasko should be recognized for his leadership over the last three years. As a leader in Texas early care and education, Dr. Gasko has made significant contributions to the state. With regards to the Council, he lead our extensive grant application process, designing a comprehensive plan for the Council, helping Texas to receive the largest award in the country. I am pleased Dr. Gasko will continue to serve as an appointed member of the Council and as the Chair of the Parental Outreach and Communications Subcommittee. Some of the key successes of Dr. Gasko's tenure as Chair of the Council include Read More...

A Closer Look

Two Years Down, One Year to Go...

The end of August 2012 is the end of the second year of the Council's three-year grant.  We have accomplished a great deal in the past two years, but there are still many goals to be reached.  The Council has been very active during the second year of our grant.  We have one more active year ahead of us as we work to complete our initiatives.  Learn more about the current status of all our initiatives and all the work we will complete in the next year.

Organized by Subcommittee, the following is a listing of our initiatives with the work that is currently underway and the work that will be completed in the next year.  There will be multiple opportunities for stakeholders to participate in our initiatives, from public stakeholder meetings to reviewing documents in public comment periods. Read More...

Community Feedback

The Council recently posted two documents for public comment: new, voluntary Infant and Toddler Early Learning Guidelines and new Core Competencies for Administrators and Practitioners.  (The Core Competencies are still available for review!) If you had an opportunity to provide feedback on one or both of these documents, what are your thoughts on the process? Did you find the online survey to be easy or difficult to navigate? Is there an easier way to reach stakeholders and collect public feedback?

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