From the Chair - January 31, 2012

2012 is going to be a busy year for the Texas Early Learning Council, and January has already begun to demonstrate that fact.  In the last month, our staff has posted two Requests for Proposals, one for a QRIS consultant and one for a consultant to assist with marketing around new Voluntary Infant and Toddler Guidelines for Texas. We are eagerly awaiting the proposal deadlines, hoping for many quality applicants to choose from.  As always, we will keep you posted about the next steps as they unfold.  Some other exciting Council efforts underway include our upcoming reinvestment decisions and our work on new core competencies for early care and education professionals in Texas.

First, with regards to reinvestment, the Council invited the public to offer ideas for some of our surplus funds on December 2, 2012 in Austin.  Several interesting ideas were suggested, many of which have been incorporated into Council member proposals.  To date, Council members have produced six proposals for the funding, and the Members are scheduled to vote on how the money will be spent on January 27, 2012 during our next meeting.  Thank you to all who submitted opinions and ideas to the Council for consideration.  The other project, Core Competencies, started off as a very challenging and slow moving process; however, since September of 2011, April Crawford, Ph.D. has been working with the Council to produce the core competencies.  Her approach to the project folds in research, stakeholder engagement, and a tremendous amount of experience relating how adult behaviors translate into positive child outcomes in the classroom.  So far, April has produced draft practitioner competencies and is now working on competencies for administrators.  At this rate, we may have a draft document ready for public feedback by April or May.

Thank you for all your time and consideration of the Council's work.


John W. Gasko Ph.D.

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